Lifehack: Use Snooze to Repurpose your Old iPhone

With the anticipated release of a new generation of iPhones fast-approaching, many of us have already moved on from the iPhone 4 and 5, or plan to very soon. If your old phone model was worn beyond trade-in standards, it's likely you still have it at home, forgotten in the back of the junk drawer.

Instead of leaving it out to pasture with loose change, mystery cords, and probably dead batteries, give your old iPhone a new life with Snooze! Just charge up your old phone and leave it in the dock for a sleek, snoozable alarm clock. You can keep your iPhone connected to your wi-fi to catch up on your latest Netflix episode as you drift off to dreamland, or disconnect from wi-fi entirely for a totally upcycled iPhone whose only mission in life is to improve your wake-up routine. Download our free alarm clock app built just for Snooze at the iTunes store. 

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