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Article: Feature Friday | Gear Diary Reviews Bifold and Sleeve

Feature Friday | Gear Diary Reviews Bifold and Sleeve

Dan Cohen of Gear Diary has taken on the daunting task of comparing our most popular in the range of Wally Wallets all by himself. First up: His favorite, the Wally Bifold! Here's a snippet from his hands-on review entitled "The Distil Union Wally Bifold Wallet Is Minimalist Without the Minimal"

"It is, by far, the best minimalist wallet I have tried. Because it is a bifold this particular minimalist wallet holds quite a bit." –Dan Cohen, Gear Diary

So that's what he means by "Minimalist Without the Minimal" – super slim, but perfectly capable of holding and in fact organizing his cards and cash.

He admits in his follow-up article "Distil Union Wally Sleeve Takes Minimalist Wallets to the Extreme" that the Wally Sleeve is a bit too minimal for his daily wallet needs. Instead, like Lindsay, he finds Sleeve perfect for carrying 10 or so business cards: 

"[Wally Sleeve] is for the person who wants to take their minimalist wallet to an entirely new, and thinner level. And while I don’t see myself using it as my wallet I do see keeping it around as a business card holder. The thin design and good looks make it easy to carry and impressive to use when getting a card to someone." –Dan Cohen, Gear Diary

We bet you're looking forward to Dan's thoughts and photos of the iPhone Wallys more than we are – it's this kind of blogging that truly helps people make informed decisions. You can reference our handy Which Wally flowchart, read through Dan's posts, and select the Wally you were meant to carry.

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