Go Digital for Convenient and Clutter-Free Gift Cards

As the holidays approach, we're reminded how much extra stuff can creep into our pockets– from all those receipts to boarding passes. But let's be honest, there's an elephant in the room (or at least at the holiday party): it's gift cards

Gift cards are a popular option for many holiday shoppers. However, too many gift cards go to waste because they're too often not on hand when we need them. And even picking the right gift card can be stressful. 

Gyft can be a helpful tool to store digital versions of your gift cards. 

Gyft reduces the amount of plastic they're carrying in their wallet– and also the likelihood of losing track of cards, or missing an opportunity to redeem a gift.

Another perk of Gyft is that can use it to gift (or re-gift) cards. Digital gift cards are great because they're sent instantly via e-mail or even text message, so you no longer need to worry about belated holiday wishes or shipping delays. 

Not sure where your friend wants to shop? Easy: The recipient can redeem your gift for a credit with any retailer in the Gyft network. And since Groupon is in the Gyft network, there's even a chance to use the funds toward an experience they really want– one that you might get roped into, but it's a risk you're willing to take...

If you're shopping with a small business that isn't part of the Gyft network (like, ahem, our gift cards) ask if there's a digital option. This way they can be forwarded with love, then saved in your recipient's mobile inbox until used.

We're still on the lookout for the perfect app that allows to digitally store gift and loyalty cards from anyone, so we can carry fewer cards and still support small businesses. Until then, keep supporting those local shops and keep your wallet organized during the holiday hustle and bustle with our pick of the 6 Apps for a Slimmer Wallet.