FlexLock: Innovation for Your Everyday

We solved the #1 complaint of leather wallets: lost cards due to stretched leather.

FlexLock™ is our patent-pending pocket that keeps your cards where they should be. With FlexLock, despite leather's tendency to stretch, your contents are held secured inside– behold, a shake test #videoevidence


For years (decades?) you've put up with your wallet's leather stretching with every card you add, meaning you have no choice but to hold onto everything if you don't want your cards to fall out of loose pockets.

Not so with FlexLock: A flexible spring-steel opening creates a subtle grip of tension that works in perfect harmony with the pull-tab to reveal your cards stored securely inside, no matter how many cards you're carrying (or not carrying) that day.

Shop the Wally Wallet FlexLock Collection and find the one that's just right for your carry:

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