Feature Friday | YOU on Amazon!

We'd like to take a moment to thank Amazon shoppers for taking the time to leave their feedback. From first impressions to real-world experience, the Amazon community has blown us away with their support, especially for Wally Bifold. One of these days we're going to reply to every 5-star review to say thank you! Until then, we'd like to feature YOU on this week's Feature Friday.

Beyond ratings, customer service is extremely important to us. So is a positive experience with our products. Any negative reviews are an opportunity for us to respond publicly and directly to troubleshoot and hopefully solve issues together. They're also a helpful glimpse into ways our products could use improvement. It takes a village to build a better wallet (isn't that the saying?)....

It's also given us insight into the power we hold as customers, and how much a review really does matter – especially a bad one! And so as customers, we've been writing more reviews for products we've purchased, and are reaching out directly to companies for help before writing a terrible review. Nothing like running your own small business to foster sympathy for other businesses; even larger companies get the benefit of the doubt before we launch into a scathing 140-character tirade on twitter (which we'd never do anyway, because manners).... With the level playing field of social media, we can all hold each other accountable. And that's a good thing! As is being mindful that there's a person on the other end of the line, so here's to being civil as customers and getting better customer service just by being nice.