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Article: 2 Days After Prime Day = Mule Day

2 Days After Prime Day = Mule Day

Did you score anything on Prime Day?! There's been some hilarious criticism of the event (and apparently there was backlash??), but Amazon stands strong that Prime Day was more successful than Black Friday. Here at DU, our purchases ended up being purely coincidental with Prime Day.

We've been talking about a set of copper mugs for Moscow Mules for months... of course the ones featured on Prime Day sale sold out before we could snatch 'em up (who thinks about vodka at 3am?!), so we made our own assortment of mismatched beauties – and added a case of Gosling's Ginger Beer to the cart for good measure. A cordless studio vacuum also made the must-have list, but we didn't get that at a crazy discount, either. What we did get was a bunch of rad/helpful stuff on our doorstep in just 2 days, so you're not going to hear us complain about being Prime members.

Today, we celebrated Prime Day with a Mexican Mule and a Southern Mule (which Lindsay thought she invented, but apparently it's already a thing). We also celebrated the fact that it is Friday and we work in a studio where we can mix cocktails at 3:00 without an ounce of guilt. Cheers!

As your consolation prize for a bummer Prime Day, here is Lindsay's Southern Mule recipe:

1/2 lemon
2oz. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
4oz. Gosling's Ginger Beer
4 dashes Fee Brother's peach bitters

Cracked ice
Copper mug

Cut 1/2 a lemon and squeeze the juice into a copper mug. When you're done, put the lemon on there, too.

Fill your mug halfway with ice you've cracked using Studio Neat's Ice Kit, or whack ice cubes in your hand with the back of a big metal spoon. Either way, cracking ice is surprisingly satisfying.

Add vodka and ginger beer in a 1-to-2 ratio (more or less depending on the size of your mug and how hard your day was).

Add bitters, stir, and sip!

+ Lime and Tequila = Mexican Mule
+ Lime and Rum = Cuban Mule (aka Dark n' Stormy)
+ Lime and Bourbon = Kentucky Mule
+ Grapefruit and Gin = Nasty Mule (just kidding, it's a Gin Gin Mule apparently, but someone thinks gin tastes nasty, so..)

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