Feature Friday | Wally's one of The Year's Best Gadgets!

Is it Christmas already!? This morning we woke up to one of the best gifts we can imagine – Slate.com included Wally Bifold in their round-up of The Year's Best Gadgets. Whoa. 

Grouped with the likes of some of our favorites – the Apple Watch, BB-8, Amazon Echo, and Logitech UE Roll bluetooth speaker – we're feeling technologically star-struck and beyond proud. 

"You may not think of wallets as technology, but this one from the Charleston, South Carolina, design startup Distil Union reminds us that even the most basic tools can be made new with a little ingenuity. It also happens to be perfect for the mobile age, when we need fewer physical cards and paper receipts than ever... The result is a wallet so thin, even with a dozen cards and several bills stuffed inside, that you might forget you’re carrying it." —Will Oremus (adapted from his Feb. 19 Wally Bifold review)

Thanks, Will! Thanks, Slate! You made Christmas come early this year :)