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Article: DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in December

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in December

Pavilion: Wireless Speaker & D-Spiral Acoustic System
 Artful, innovative, and modern, this wireless speaker is a lovely exploration of materials, combining concrete, capacitive-touch oak, and a striking swirl of copper. They still have a ways to go to reach their funding goal, but the good news is there are still a few weeks to back this beauty! #DryIce

Nintendo Library Guide & Review Book
Nintendo NES Library Guide & Review Book of 750+ Games A gamer's dream. This compilation of guides and reviews for Nintendo games is fully funded, but still has room for backers!

 Prank Greeting Cards on Kickstarter
Prank Greeting Cards that do not stop playing music These prank greeting cards had us laughing earlier this year, and now they're back! Give someone a card with a kind message, then devilishly smile to yourself knowing once they press play on the music, it WILL NOT STOP until the battery dies 3 hours later. The creators plan to add glitter to make cards even more annoying. Wait, more annoying – or more awesome?...  

Kangol 504: Bring Jobs to America with Bollman Hat Company Help bring production of Kangol hats to the stateside Bollman Hat Company. Good for the economy. Good for your personal style. Go fund these guys pronto!

Norlan Whisky Glass We're big fans of double-walled glasses, and this unique one caught our eye just after the campaign closed. Dram! (hehe)... The inner wall has "fins" to better aerate the spirit, which they're calling bio-mimicry – and we're calling just plain cool.

LOCAL LOVE Butcher & Bee Nashville and Workshop Charleston One of our favorite Charleston restaurants, Butcher & Bee, has big plans for another great space here in town called Workshop. Their efforts to utilize local and regional artisans to outfit the new space is admiral to say the least (these things aren't cheap and are well worth the investment). The campaign is over now and wasn't quite successful, but we hope they can scrape together the funds otherwise; watch the video for a peek at what's in store – beyond the mouth-watering noms!

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