Feature Friday | MagLock Caught INSIDER's Eye

 is all about embracing the adventures that life has to offer, so we were seriously tickled when they reached out to feature our new MagLock Sunglasses. They compiled this video using some of our favorite MagLock product testing clips, including team toe-touches at Velocity Air Sports. 

Our shades clip to your shirt, and like INSIDER emphasizes, "They never...FALL." It's really quite simple.

Thanks for recognizing MagLock's benefits and helping spread the word about so many life-improving products, INSIDER team!

(Side note: If you haven't been to a trampoline park, you should jump on that– pun intended. They're both exhausting and exhilarating.)

Learn more about MagLock™ Sunglasses and pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited time:

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