DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in April 2016

Life Ultral Light bike map holder on Kickstarter
Life Ultralight Bike Map Holder: Easily mount any map to your bicycle Our inspiring (a.k.a. badass) friends Joe and Devon have been pedaling around the country, and they've launched their first Kickstarter campaign from the road! How cool is that? Get one of your own asap because the campaign is almost up!


Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones on Kickstarter
Handmade Japanese Wooden Headphones An unexpected material for an electronic, these are simple, beautiful, and look quite comfy and light. Wooden't you like a pair?

Splyt Light: Make the Perfect Light Fixture for Your Space Artful and practical, we've been waiting for this beauty to hit the market. Can't wait to construct our own lamps!

ECC Pocket Bolt Pen
EDC Pocket Bolt Pen: Auto-Locking Bold Action Pens Not only are these retractable ball point pens beautiful, they feature a patent-pending locking mechanism that keeps them from clicking open in your pocket. Swell!

one80 headlamp
One80 Light: The Headlamp Reinvented. Full 180º illumination Wear it on your head or around your waist for 180º nighttime illumination. No more tunnel vision with ordinary headlamps. 

The Edge: All-in-one desk solution for modern life and work We love our standing desks here at the DU studio, and these innovative, folding "kneeling" desk looks like a great option to try at home. We shared this one with our artist friends who could use The Edge as a compact easel to neatly unleash their creativity.

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