Don't Cry Over Scratched Sunglasses

Nate was at a football game six years ago, and he lost the most expensive pair of sunglasses that he’d ever owned. After returning home from the game completely frustrated, he disappeared into our workshop and made a DIY-fix to a backup pair.

Nate lost his sunglasses and decided to fix the problem

He was determined never to lose a pair of glasses again... and guess what? He hasn't lost that DIY pair 6 years later. The tweak worked. His determination paid off.


Many new products have hit the market in the last six years, including six of our own crowdfunded projects. We're shocked that the simple modification Nate hacked together in 2011 hasn't been mainstreamed. 

So, now, the challenge to "fix" sunglasses is officially ours. 

As designers, we love to invent solutions that not only simplify our lives but also improve the lives of others. No other products have hit the mark for us in how to reduce the likelihood of dropping, scratching, or losing your sunglasses. Each and every one requires something in addition to the glasses. In the wise words of Dieter Rams, we believe: "Less, but better." 

Here are a few sunglasses "fixes" that didn't quite satisfy us:Sunglasses fixes -- or fails?

  • The visor clips no matter how organized
  • All of the "backup" pairs no matter how fashionable
  • Neck cords no matter how fashion-forward
  • Replacement lenses no matter how inexpensive

For us, only an elegant, integrated solution will do. 


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