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Article: Crowd-Funding Favorites

Crowd-Funding Favorites

Crowd-Funding Favorites

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in June

Solar Gaps on Kickstarter 

SolarGaps - Energy Generating Solar Panel Window Blinds It's 2017, and we're so close to a commercially available home appliance that folds your laundry, (looking at you, FoldiMateBut, we're even closer to all of us having access to easy-install solar panels that double as blinds. The future is here, people.

Well Made on Kickstarter

Visible Vinyl – Your records were meant to be seen Your vinyl records are great for listening and putting on display. Well Made is keen to this, and have developed the perfect solution for decorating your wall with album art.

Nakefit on Kicksktarter

Nakefit: Hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely wherever you want: We're giving this one an A+ for creativity... If you try these, let us know how it toes– I mean goes.

Levitat on Kickstarter

Levitat: The Revolutionary Aerial Mat: This design from Dynamic Growth takes the hammock to a whole new level– bed, yoga mat, sunshade, conference room...



WeFidget - all-in-one fidget spinner 

REVOQ™ : The All-In-One, Multi-Functional Fidget Spinner We're all about minimizing the unnecessary, so of course this distilled fidget spinner is our preferred method of idle-hand prevention.

Magpie tracker on Kickstarter

Magpie: the smartest, truly global GPS tracker around These go-with-you-anywhere trackers are rechargeable and waterproof.

NEVA 3d Printer on Kickstarter

NEVA: The Easiest and Most Affordable 3D Printer Ever Simplicity and affordability meet 3D printing– finally! 


Back MagLock on Kickstarter

Pre-order MagLock™ Sunglasses on Kickstarter for up to 56% off

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Distil's Problem-Solving Sunglasses are the First of Their Kind

Distil's Problem-Solving Sunglasses are the First of Their Kind

Our seventh Kickstarter is launching this summer! Become a VIP and get first notice to score one of the limited half-price discounts for "Early Bird" backers.

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A Tribute to Dads
Distil Union

A Tribute to Dads

To all the dads out there, thanks for the wisdom and wisecracks over the years. Here's to you!

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