Crowd-Funding Favorites

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in February

The first Kickstarter round-up of 2018 has us thinking about the usual New Year's resolutions we set for ourselves – usually about slowing down and taking better care of ourselves (and not taking things so seriously). These are a few campaigns that we've backed or are considering, because retail therapy is definitely real... 


Kickstarter Maruhi Cup and Saucer set

MARUHI Cup and Saucer Set With just a few days left, we leapt at a pair of these simple-yet-sneaky creations for tea breaks together (with a couple hidden cookies warming up beneath, of course)... The creators even made a production video so we can witness these lovely porcelain pieces being made by MARUASA in Tajimi, Japan. Don't miss it!


Sustain magazine on kickstarter

Sustain Yearly magazine is an annual periodical from the team behind, an online resource for individuals aiming to foster living their lives consciously in a more "slow and simple sustainable lifestyle." Wishing we could attend the release party in Copenhagen to meet these inspiring folks! 


100 leaf mirrors on kickstarter

100 Leaf Mirrors Part of Kickstarter's Make 100 limited-edition series, we can't wait to unbox our own 1 of the 100 mirror leaves that will be drawn and laser-engraved by Sara V. Ramirez. Only 23 leaves are left, and just hours remain to reach her goal – which means Sara needs our help to make this happen.


Picoso hot-sauce to go on kickstarter 

Picoso hot-sauce vessel is one of those simple things we've wished for time and time again when a bottle of our beloved Sriracha wasn't close at hand. Sleek stainless steel fits discreetly on your keychain, so your spice addiction can fly under the radar til you're ready to spice things up... 


Kickstarter Thinking Egg 

The Thinking Egg We're tactile creatures, and this little ergonomic egg is made to satisfy that need to feel when we're swept up in screens or stressing about the state of the world – similar to a fidget spinner, but more zen. Pick your own pocketable piece of inner-peace in brass, pine or howlite.