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Article: Crowd-Funding Favorites

Crowd-Funding Favorites

Crowd-Funding Favorites

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in July 2016

Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments

Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments These gorgeous writing utensils are made from space-grade aluminum that have interchangeable pen and pencil cartridges, so you can write with graphite or ink at your leisure.

The LIFT Cargo Bike on Kickstarter!

The LIFT Cargo Bike Ever wish you could cart furniture, groceries, or even your kid around town on your bike with ease? Well, now YOUR bike can with this kit!

Boie USA: The Toothbrush of the future

Boie USA: The Toothbrush of the Future Have you ever wondered what tomorrow's toothbrush looks like? Let Boie USA tell you: it's anti-microbial with replaceable, environment-saving bristle heads. So fresh and so clean! 

The Best Hot Weather Pants!

The Best Hot Weather Pants with 16 Travel Features I'm not sure what it's like where you are, but July is stupid hot in Charleston. We're all wishing we had these pants to save us. And the Adventure Pants for adventures. And the Roam Joggers for casual Fridays... but wait, every day is Casual Friday! #smallbusiness #lucky 


Orbitkey 2.0: Carry your Keys Better One of our favorite key organizers is back on Kickstarter and even slimmer than before. You have to back it to believe it!

Pon: A minimal and harmless way to display posters and photos
 We were proud to back the first Pon on Kickstarter, and we sure are digging this subtle but handy update... We're not overstating when we say they are the pushpins of the future. 

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June Instagram Highlights

June Instagram Highlights

Pups, products, pics, pals... we couldn't have asked for a better start to summer 2016. Thanks for following along!

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Interview on OHM Radio

Interview on OHM Radio

We joined fellow small-businesses Lowcountry Street Grocery and Pink Verbena on Charleston's OHM Radio in an inspiring interview led by Lowcountry Local First.

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