9to5Mac's Hands-On Review with Stanley

Stanley Stand on 9to5Mac

One of our favorite and most trusted sources for all things Apple, 9to5Mac has just published a helpful hands-on review recommending our bendable Stanley Stand, the leather and felt stand designed to give your phone a proper place to perch, with built-in style and flexibility. 

It can be tough to stand out in the crowded market of Apple product accessories like iPhone and iPad stands. Yet Distil Union, a small company in South Carolina focused on design, has created a unique offering worth taking a look at.

I first became familiar with Distil Union when I purchased its Wally Case for my iPhone 6 and then for my iPhone 7 Plus. The company puts a lot of energy and focus on using design to make life better and creating highly polished products. Stanley Stand definitely matches the high-quality form and function I’ve experienced with Distil Union’s other products.
–Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Seeing how someone else uses a product is always insightful, and you'll appreciate the time that Michael spent snapping photos of not just the unboxing, but also his Stanley experience along the way. It means that this a super-handy hands-on review worth reading if you're on the fence about getting yourself a Stanley:

9to5Mac reviews Distil Union Stanley Stand

Stanley came in handy for not just Michael's iPhone, but also his iPad and Apple Watch. He even folds Stanley entirely flat for easy travel, so your phone and cable have a proper place at your destination. Talk about flexible! Be sure to check out the full review to see all of Michael's in-use photos and suggestions for how you can use Stanley from office to travel.

We don't want to give away the ending, but... Stanley walks away with a big thumbs-up from 9to5Mac as "a great option to provide flexible functionality at home, work, and while traveling" (hence the many high-fives being slapped around the Distil design studio at the moment)...