5 Tips to Slim Your Wallet, Carry Less and Lighten Your Everyday Load

Have you noticed new phones keep getting ... bigger? Sure our technology can do more, but now we have more in our pockets.

Luckily, the days of carrying every card, receipt and bill in your wallet "just in case" are far behind us. Not only do fat bulges in your back pocket look bad and cause unnecessary wear to your clothing,, there's simply no need for hauling all that stuff around with you every day! Keep reading to learn tips on how to lighten your wallet load:

1. Five cards or less

Obviously, there are some non-negotiable essentials — for instance, there's no argument that an ID and debit card are must-haves. We're also on board with carrying a credit card, subway card or metro pass, or an access card for work. Everything else? You likely don't need it. It might seem tough at first, but try leaving them at home for a day and see how it feels. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you don't miss — and by the lighter load.

2. Go digital

The majority of those extra cards can be stored digitally and still easily-accessed,  especially all those loyalty cards and infrequently used cards. There are also free apps like KeyRing and Card Mate that will do the organization legwork for you — just make sure whatever app you choose is password protected. For even more organization and digital storage power, look into apps like Dashlane and LifeLock.

3. Take pictures of your receipts

Your wallet is not a library — which means there's no reason to store receipts in it. Instead, use apps like Evernote, Concur or even your phone's photo storage to keep electronic copies of receipts. Once you get a tracking system in place, you'll be able to just sit back and enjoy the lightened load of a slimmed wallet.

4. Carry less cash

While having some paper money on you is a good idea in general, most of us don't need to carry a lot of cash in our everyday life. Most everywhere accepts plastic, and there are a number of convenient services to limit the need: Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo and Cash — just to name a few.

5. Get a thinner wallet

Whether it's psychological or physical, having a slimmer wallet is a great way to reinforce the idea and behavior of carrying less. Once you experience the freedom of a slim wallet, you won't even want to stuff extra stuff in there — trust us. 

Plus, your jeans will thank you, your spine will thank you and YOU will thank you. If you're carrying around a Costanza clunker, take a picture of it and tag us @distilunion. Bring it on, try to shock us with your worst. The first step is admitting that you have a problem ... and we're here to help you slim your wallet.

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