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Article: Our Very First Wallet Makeover

Our Very First Wallet Makeover

When we moved into the new studio a few weeks ago, we introduced ourselves to our downstairs neighbors at Magnifilous Toy Emporium. If you're ever in downtown Charleston, you must visit this whimsical toy store on King Street. There's an endless selection of stuffed animals and games both fun and educational, and we dare the mini-carousel and player piano not to evoke everyone's inner child.

Upon learning that we make wallets, Magnifilous employees Marvin and Vannak showed us their current wallet situations they admitted were in need of serious improvement. Since we knew we could help them out, we invited them up to our studio to for the first-ever Distil Union Wallet Makeover! 

Wally Bifold remedies a Costanza clunker

Marvin volunteered for his wallet to go first. He told us that this has been his wallet since the 10th grade, and that it was stuffed with cards that he wasn't using. We gave him the choice of any Distil Union wallet, and with our recommendation, he chose the Wally Bifold. Marvin transferred his most-used credit cards, ID, and a few loyalty cards to his new Wally. His now old wallet began at 47.64 mm thick, and after making the switch, it was only 13mm!


From NO wallet, to wallet AND case

Next up was Vannak. When we first met him, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a few loose cards and a bill, saying that currently he wasn't even using a wallet at all – but he wanted something super minimal since he doesn't carry much. Turns out he was also in need of a case for his iPhone 6, so the clear winner for his wallet makeover was Wally Case for iPhone. He chose the Frost Gray for super-slim protection with the perfect capacity to carry his handful of cards and a folded bill. His Starbucks loyalty card was easy to digitize thanks to the Starbucks App, simplifying his already minimal carry even more!

Do you have a wallet that needs some help? Do you know someone who needs a new wallet? Later this fall, we're giving away another Wally to someone in need of a #walletmakeover. Just take a photo of your over stuffed, non-minimalist wallet, post to your Instagram with #walletmakeover and follow @distilunion! Entries will be accepted through the end of the month.


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