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Weekender Set

Sale price$119 Regular price$145

Is it Friday yet?

The time has come to rise up from our desks and bask in actual sunlight – so grab a pair of polarized MagLock™ sunglasses to protect your peepers from UV rays.

Put that work key you don't need for the next few days on your fridge (thanks to the magnetic KeyMod, it'll be there come Monday). And while you're at the fridge, grab a cold one and crack it open with your KeyMod MultiTool. Ahhhh. 

In this set, you’ll get one pair of Osprey Sunglasses, and the KeyLoop Kit plus MultiTool

  • Osprey MagLock Sunglasses
    Gnarlon™ aviator frame in Anchor Black
    Polarized lenses in Gray
    1 folding case + lens-cloth sleeve
  • KeyLoop Kit
    Black eco-certified leather cover
    5 color-coded KeyMods
    1 FobRing
  • KeyMod MultiTool
    Stainless steel
    8 hex wrenches, bit driver, flathead, ruler, bottle opener

$145 Value. Bundles are not eligible for further discounts.

Weekender Set
Weekender Set Sale price$119 Regular price$145

Magic? Nah, it's magnets

Beyond clipping securely to your shirt, magnets make MagLock™ sunglasses easy to keep up with – on your fridge, the light switch... wherever's convenient in the moment. Not losing your glasses? Now that's magic.


Lighten up (at least for a few days)

Keep your KeyMod MultiTool magnetized to your fridge, or carry it with you. The wonders of modularity! When your keys are organized with KeyMods, you can easily remove any extras (no tools required thanks to MagLock). Magnetic powers also let you stick 'em to any magnetic surface, like on the fridge – that work key will be there, ready to add back to your KeyLoop when you head out the door on Monday.