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Wally Junior — Stick-On

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distil black leather wally junior stick-on on the back of an iphone with a pull-tab
Wally Junior — Stick-On Sale price$24 Regular price$30

The universal wallet hack

If it sounds good to you to always have your go-to cards on hand -and out of sight - then you totally get why we invented Wally Junior! Barely bigger than a credit card, it's the perfect size and shape to work with most phones or cases with a 3.6" x 2.5" flat area.

Ditch your bulky case for a seriously sleek and discreet pull-tab leather card-holder (your pockets will thank you).

Your phone's best friend

Wally Junior stores 3 cards discretely on the back of most phones and cases, turning that thing you never leave the house without into a pocket-slimming sidekick.

Removable (not that you'll want to take it off)

The 3M layer allows you to securely stick and re-stick to your phone or case without any residue. But Wally's practicality will have you wondering why we even said this bit.

Universal fit for the win

If you can fit a credit card on your phone or case, chances are you can fit a Wally Junior. So unless you're hanging on to your 2004 Motorola Razr, you should be good.