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True Blue Set

Sale price$152 Regular price$179

Tried and true favorites in their favorite shade

This set of all-blue essentials will have your everyday carry sorted in shades of blue. The KeyLoop's nesting magnets connect with a secure snap, and easily swap out and share with no tools required. Keep your KeyLoop and MagLock™ Sunglasses on any magnetic surface (like the fridge) so lost keys and sunnies become a thing of the past! 

Carry up to 10 cards in our smallest, sleekest, reversible-est leather wallet. Wally Micro comes to you with a gray exterior – simply thread the ribbon back through and around, switching Micro to show off your blue side.

In this discounted set, you’ll get our best-selling Folly SunglassesWally Micro Classic and KeyLoop Kit – all in your favorite shade: blue. 

  • Folly MagLock Sunglasses
    Gnarlon™ seafarer frame in Marine Blue
    Polarized lenses in non-mirrored Gray
    1 folding case + lens-cloth sleeve
  • KeyLoop Kit
    Eco-certified leather cover in Blue
    5 color-coded KeyMods
    1 FobRing
  • Wally Micro Classic
    Eco-certified leather wallet in Blue
    Capacity: 10 cards + a few folded bills

$179 Value. Bundles are not eligible for further discounts.

True Blue Set
True Blue Set Sale price$152 Regular price$179

Magic? Nah, it's magnets!

Beyond clipping securely to your shirt, magnets make MagLock® sunglasses easy to keep up with - on your fridge, the light switch... wherever's convenient in the moment. Not losing your glasses? Now that's magic.


Meet Micro, our smallest pull-tab wallet

Our original Wally Micro is a slim sleeve with a few tricks up its sleeve. It's surprisingly accommodating as a front-pocket wallet or business card holder, flexing to secure a varying stash of up to 10 cards. And—brace yourself—Micro is reversible. Two stylish colors in the ultimate minimalist wallet. A little bit Clark Kent. A little bit Superman.


Just imagine: Magnetic, modular keys

With KeyLoop, you can organize, add, and share keys easily - no tools required. Plus, giving your keys magnetic super powers means they stick securely to any magnetic surface: Plunk KeyLoop on the fridge and it'll be there where you head out the door - no more lost keys! Car fob ring included.