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For Her

Sale price$157 Regular price$185

For Her
For Her Sale price$157 Regular price$185

Step up your gifting game

The only thing better than finding one perfect present is finding three. Give her gear that she’ll use and enjoy—and think of you—every day. (Hey, we never claimed your motive should be entirely selfless.)

Stylish & Strong

MagSafe Wally Junior features MagLock® nesting magnets that connect with a secure snap, allowing her to reorganize modules on a whim. Thanks to the KeyLoop Kit, she can easily organize, swap or share keys without any tools (or nail breaking) required. Plus, she can put magnetic powers to use by sticking 'em to any magnetic surface. Same goes for the flexible, little bit fancy-feelin’ Kiawah MagLock® Sunnies. 

No more key chaos

Keyloop's full-grain leather gets better with age and protects your phone from key scratches when nestled up together in your pocket.

Comfy shades you'll love daily

Featherweight, flex-to-fit frames provide all-day comfort while shatter-proof polarized lenses protect your peepers. Because good eye health is always en vogue.

Selfie-proof secure magnetic pull-tab

Our pull-tab has a neodymium magnet sewn in and securely latches over the top so that your cards stay with you, even when you snap a pic of talk with your hands.