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Best-Seller Set

Sale price$128 Regular price$150

Best-Seller Set
Best-Seller Set Sale price$128 Regular price$150

Only the best for your benjamins

Custom designed and machined from a single piece of stainless steel, Wally's money clip self-adjusts to accommodate your varying stash.

Magnets for the win

Let your KeyLoop keep track: Instantly stash on any magnetic surface so your keys are where you need 'em (and not lost between the couch cushions).

KeyLoop Capacity

Comfortably carry up to 6 KeyMods, plus large items like your cary key (and sentimental boondoggles) on the included FobRing.

Completely compact—yet packed with features

All of your cards are easily accessible with color-coded Wally Pull-Tabs™, and stay securely stowed within magnetic squeeze-to-open pockets. (Yes, they're fun to play with. And no, the magnets don't interfere with your cards! We'd never do that to you or your plastic.)


Unlock your keys' potential with the power of magnets

Easily organize your keys in a sleek leather cover, and swap or share them without any tools required. Magnetic powers also let you stick 'em to any magnetic surface: Plunk it on the mailbox while you sort through bills, or on the fridge while you make a sandwich - it'll be there, ready to grab next time you're headed out the door.