Distil Union

Wally Micro

Color: Classic Navy + Red RFID

The go-to wallet for minimalists

Wally Micro is a slim card sleeve with a few tricks up its, well, sleeve. It’s surprisingly accommodating as a front-pocket wallet or business card holder, flexing to secure a varying stack of up to 10 cards revealed with our signature pull-tab.

So, what's the trick? Wally Micro is reversible. That's right—like Clark Kent ducking into a phone booth to remove his glasses, threading the tab through gets you two stylish colors in one card-carrying minimalist wallet.

  • Access cards with Wally Pull-Tab™ — push cards in to retract the tab
  • Fan out your cards to select what you need
  • Keep your two most frequently used cards at the front and back of the stack to have 'em right at your fingertips
  • Folded bill fits inside the sleeve, or beneath the elastic for quickest access

  • Materials:

    • Rich full-grain leather certified for environmental stewardship
    • Grosgrain pull-tab for subtle haptic feedback (it goes zzzzip when ya pull it)

    RFID-Shielded: We offer this feature due to popular demand for peace of mind. If needed, tap-and-go cards can be kept outside tucked under the elastic.

    3.6" tall x 2.1" wide x 0.3" thin

    Up to 10 cards + a few folded bills

    The clown car of wallets

    Wally Micro’s capacity will endlessly surprise you. It’s incredibly flexible—and new n' improved! We gave our newest version a wider elastic band to securely hold your folded bills. And 30 or so circus performers.

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