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Article: Welcome, Mary Streeter!

Welcome, Mary Streeter!

We've been waiting to announce Mary's arrival until we could capture on film the hot new wheels she scored – a sweet, sweet black and white Dolce! Found on Craigslist, this tall drink of water was a bit too tall for a gal in Summerville; Mary was happy to rescue such a sporty beauty. "It's a Dolce from Specialized, and my first road bike. I've enjoyed the newfound speed capabilities! Darting around town is a breeze now." 

Favorite accessory: In my effort to make helmets look cool, I'm going to say: my helmet!
Favorite Route:  I've never done it, but I bet the Lake Michigan Circle Tour would end up being my favorite.
Longest Ride: The Battery to Beach ride out to Sullivan's Island.

Speaking of helmets: Brace yourselves. With Mary on board, our tiny team of three just grew to a mighty team of four – the largest that Distil Union has ever been. Mary's quick. She's funny. And she's hella nice. Thanks to Mary, you can expect to see some shockingly good-looking content and improvements across the board in the way you experience Distil Union. So buckle up – and join us in welcoming her to the team!  

492 King St Historical PhotoHow about a little trivia? The building featured in Mary's photo is one of her favorites in town – the recently rehabilitated 492 King"I love how all of the intricate details came together in a building that harmoniously represents historic and modern day Charleston." says Mary (and we agree!). Before the building was redesigned and rehabbed by architects Alicia Reed and Reggie Gibson, it sat empty since Hurricane Hugo in 1989. We look forward to winding down on their welcoming open patio with some inventive cocktails and fancy noms this Fall. 

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