Wally Micro: From Production to Fulfillment

Wally Micro Production

Wally Micro is ready to ship, and we're ecstatic to be so close to completion of our 5th Kickstarter campaign! As a whole, production has been quite smooth and, for the most part, on schedule. We're happy that our Backers in the US will have Micro in time for stuffing stockings. 

Manufactured at a cut-and-sew facility right here in the Southeast, the components of Wally Micro are made of die-cut vegetable tanned Tuscan leather. I've been to many many factories in my career and this is one of the cleanest and well-run. Thus, we were especially glad to find such a great spot in the US – and one that's just a car ride away from our home in Charleston. This is our first product they've done for us, and it's been an outstanding experience. The process photos above are courtesy of their team! 

Our delivery timeline (goal: US deliveries in time for Christmas) is down to the wire because of two things: Trouble with one of the dies used to cut out the leather. It was damaged in production, but luckily the factory acted quickly and recovered. Also, shipping delays – the leather was delivered to the factory about 10 days late, and the holiday busy-ness has caused delayed shipments from the factory to us. All in all though, the hiccups have been minimal; Wally Micro is one of the smoothest first-production runs I've ever been a part of. Keep your eyes on your mailbox, because Micro is coming at you!
– Nate

Wally Micro by Distil UnionPacking up Wally Micro at Distil Union!Packing up Wally Micro at Distil Union!Packing up Wally Micro at Distil Union!