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Article: Wally Case Gets 5 Stars in the AppleWorld.Today Hands-On Review

Wally Case Gets 5 Stars in the AppleWorld.Today Hands-On Review

We couldn't wait until Feature Friday to highlight this glowing review for Wally: Along with 5-out-of-5 stars, Steve Sande over at AppleWorld.Today had nothing but great things to say about our latest and greatest Wally Case –
"As a person who has been accused many times of having a thick wallet, I know I can't fit everything into the Wally. But for situations where I don't want to carry a wallet and just need ID, a credit card, and some cash, it's perfect. It's really the perfect companion for Apple Pay where you don't really need all that many cards with you. I know I will continue to use the case as my primary iPhone 6 Plus case for as long as I have the phone." – Steve Sande, AppleWorld.Today
This is actually the most popular way people are telling us they use Wally Case: not as a wallet replacement, but as an easy way to simplify what they need to grab and go for that quick trip to the store, a fun night out, or on a trip where you only need the essentials. The less we need to carry, the lighter the load – and even better if no one can tell that your iPhone is also your wallet. With the announcement of Apple Passbook becoming Apple Wallet, we suspect more and more of you will be able to make the lighter leap from your thick wallets to simply a Wally Case. 

Even Merry, one of his most excellent Apple-lovin' cats, gave Wally his paw-print of approval... Which is an honor in itself, because clearly he's one tough kitty who's not easy to please:

Those of you in-the-know remember Steve Sande from TUAW, or The Unofficial Apple Weblog – and you know this guy is a rockstar in the Apple world. So be sure to check out Steve and his team at their new all-things-Apple hub, AppleWorld.Today for the most up-to-date and insightful Apple news. Oh yeah, and Caturday posts!

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