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Article: Top Gifts This Father's Day

Top Gifts This Father's Day

Top Gifts This Father's Day

Picture your dad. Is he outside mowing the lawn? In the kitchen whipping up his award-winning chili? Watching the TV and definitely not asleep and snoring? Or maybe for Father's Day you're picturing your husband or your partner—who is quite possibly doing any of those things at this very moment. Now picture him opening a present from you this Father's Day...

Feels good, right? This article is to make those warm fuzzies a reality even faster and easier, with a round-up of our best-selling gear that we know for a fact that dads love. Starting things off with our most kid-tested and dad-approved gift of all: A pair of drop-proof magnetic sunglasses we call MagLocks

Made with our exclusive shape-memory material we call Gnarlon™, these frames are 45% castor beans and 100% ready for adventure! The lightweight yet durable sunnies with magnets are a hit with parents for good reason: 

MagLock™ Sunglasses Starting at $69 $53

Our flex-to-fit, indestructible Gnarlon™ frames were named as one of the Best Father's Day Gifts For Brand-New Dads:

"These polarized bendable sunglasses will protect your eyes and keep their shape when grabby hands try to snap them." –HuffPost

With plenty of styles to choose from—all polarized and featuring hidden MagLock™ magnets—it's the Folly frames that we recommend for most faces (and fathers). The sporty wrap-around Capers are a close second. 


🧲 More Magnetic Marvels for Dad

KeyLoop Kit $61 $44

Dads love magnets. (It's science.) And when Dad gets his hands on a KeyLoop Kit, keeping keys handy on the fridge is just the beginning—the car (for hands-free car-seating), the light switch, toolboxes, mailboxes, lockers, drywall corners—anything magnetic becomes a mount. Prepare to be amazed. 

Want to go all in on magnets this Father's Day? Grab a bundle featuring the Ferris ModStation! A modular, magnetic organizational system of the everyday essentials—including ModWallet, MagLock sunnies and KeyLoop—the Out-The-Door Bundle in classic black is sure to please (and keep all the important stuff out of grimey-hand reach).   

Wally Junior +MagSafe $49 $39

iPhone gifts can be tough—who knows what model your Dad has?? Well, Wally Junior works with iPhone 14, 13, and 12 (that's going all the way back to 2021). The MagSafe compatibility is just the beginning, because this Wally also adapts his phone to work automagically with most magnetic car mounts—and we've already established how much dads like magnets.


🏆 Our #1 Wallet That'll Win the Day

Wally Bifold 5.0 Starting at $79 $63

Fun Fact: Wally Bifold was the very first wallet of its kind, securing its spot as Amazon's number-one best-selling men's wallet—that is, before the copycats starting copycatting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Whaddaya gonna do? Get Dad the original—now on version 5.0, featuring incremental improvements like MagLock™ pockets that you'll only get from Distil.  

And heck, if you're thinking none of these is gonna float pop's boat—we've curated an entire Father's Day Collection just for the persnickety folks. (Yep, there's a bottle-opening MultiTool in the mix.) 

Cheers, Dads!

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