New iPhones, Meet Wallys! You're going to get along splendidly.

Between a long-awaited and substantial Apple TV update and One Direction – no, wait, One Republic – Apple today announced new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with 3D Touch technology. Many of us have been waiting for haptic feedback on the iPhone, and finally, that time has come. It's magical and impressive to say the least – and that's just the tip of the 6s iceberg! There's also gif-like "Live Photos" with sound, plus a new Upgrade Program that looks to be a real life-saver for those of us who'd love to upgrade year after year... 

While Apple claims that "the only thing that's changed is everything" – luckily one thing stays the same:
Wally is a brilliantly slim way to add a secret wallet to your iPhone.

Both Wally Case and Wally Stick-On fit these stunning new iPhones, and for a limited time you can save $6 off 6/s Wallys! No coupon code necessary, they're already discounted and ready to wallet-ify (that's a word, right?) your iPhone. So whether you're getting a brand new iPhone 6S (lucky) or you've had your eye on a wallet solution for your "old" iPhone 6, now is the time to save some bucks on a Wally. 

Choose from our protective bumper-style case with hidden wallet, aptly named Wally Case. Or, keep things minimal with Wally Stick-On, the slim pocket of leather that sticks onto your iPhone, the perfect accessory for Apple fans who embrace Apple Pay and smart cards like Coin. And with 3M™ Alternahesive, it's easily repositionable, and also works to add wallet functionality to your own case.

Simplify what you carry everyday with Wally – a sleek, secure, and surprisingly satisfying pull-tab wallet. And save $6 for a limited time only: This event ends September 16 at Midnight PDT.