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Article: New Colors for a New Product

New Colors for a New Product

We've been doing quite a bit of color matching lately. There's a fun fresh palette we've picked that expands our color selection by leaps and bounds. Last week our pals at Artist and Craftsman lent us their color-matching eyes to pull trinkets and paper to match our swatches.

What's the product you ask? You'll have a to wait just a bit longer for our Kickstarter to launch. Don't worry! It's just days away. 



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Now taking YOUR submissions for our next #WalletMakeover

Remember our last wallet makeover? We want to give away another new Wally to someone in need of a slimmer wallet!  To enter to win a free Distil Union Wallet Makeover: 1.) Follow @distilunion on I...

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Distil Union's September Instagram Highlights

September was a happening month, and we've put together the highlight reel to sum it all up!  + Early in the month, BB-8 visited us at the studio when we all tuned in to the anticipated Apple Even...

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