Meet our Mascot, Pemba

What's that purring sound coming from the printer? It's Pemba, our silky 6-pound mascot here at Distil. She's the wise feline voice always motivating the team to be the best they can be, with insightful encouragement such as try again, but with more gray. Here are some fun facts about our dainty art director:  

1. In 2014 she passed her South Carolina driver's test with flying colors, and is purrfectly happy with her driver's license photo, thank you very much. We agree, Pemba.
Pemba T Toots at Distil Union 

2. Pemba may be gassy, but she has impeccable taste in materials and assists as needed in making selections. Good eye, Pemba.

3. She's our go-to paw model for compelling videos like our shake-test to demonstrate the patent-pending mechanism on our FlexLock wallets. Nice work, Pemba. 

4. While she most certainly would rather be napping, when asked bribed with shrimp treats, she'll lend a paw with prototyping, 3D printing, and has been known to DJ. As such, Pemba is a member of the elite group of cats honored by AppleWorld.Today. Congrats, Pemba.

5. No photoshoot is complete without Pemba serving some fierce, feline realness. Blue Steel? You've been served. Thanks, Pemba.

Meet Pemba

Pemba shares intern duties with her brother Louie who is also gray, twice Pemba's size, and is definitely hiding right now. Keep an eye on our instagram stories for an occasional cameo #WorstInternEver #CatsAreTheMostHelpfulSpeciesOnThePlanet