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Article: Living Life Worry Free (or Close To It)

Living Life Worry Free (or Close To It)

Living Life Worry Free (or Close To It)

Life happens. Fortunately, we get it. We're also are out here living our best life—which is why Distil Union products are covered by three layers of protection!

3-Year Warranty with Distil Union

Manufacturer's Warranty = "Our Bad"

Coverage for 3 years against defects

Quality and craftsmanship are important to us, and we stand by our products and our service. All Distil Union products are made with care and covered for 3 years against manufacturing defects. Natural variation in leather is to be expected and does not qualify an item as defective. Normal wear-and-tear does not qualify as a defect, either (nice try though). 

Worry-Free Guarantee from Distil Union

Worry-Free Guarantee = "Your Bad"

Coverage for damage or loss
Up to 3 replacements for 50% off!

Enjoy replacements at a deep discount for extreme damage and even loss: If you lose your item or break it beyond functionality, we’ll replace it up to three times for just half the current retail price. Simply contact us at and let us know what the heck happened! 

If your gear is functioning as intended, please don't exploit our Worry-Free Guarantee, which is meant to cover Brave-Sir-Robin-level calamitiesNormal wear and tear including natural aging and marking of leather isn't covered, as there's no sense in replacing an item that's still serving you well. And we know this is a bummer, but lenses aren't covered—so please take care to clean your lenses with the included soft cloth (wiping with your shirt can scratch and damage any lens). We do offer a limited selection of replacement lenses and have partnered with Fuse Lenses, or you can check with your local optometrist for more options.

5-Star Personal Support with Distil Union

Great service is part of the package

Since day one we've treated our customers the way we expect to be treated—which means reliable products and personal support if something doesn’t go as it should. The other side of the coin should go without saying, but we hope that you'll treat our Customer Support Team [her name is Rebecca; she's the entire team] with the courtesy and respect and that you'd hope to receive yourself. It just helps make life suck less, ya know? 

Nothing makes us happier than hearing Distil gear has helped make your life a little better—so if something has gone wrong, we absolutely want to solve the issue together or get you a replacement. Reach out on our Contact page, or click on the bottom HELP button to search our FAQ and to send us a message.

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