July Instagram Highlights

Distil Union's July Instagram Highlights

July Instagram Highlights from Distil Union

July was a Tour-de-Taste for us at Distil. One of the perks of having a studio smack in the middle of Charleston's Upper King district – home to some of the best restaurants in town – is always having the latest and greatest eats right at our fingertips. Here are a few faves from our Instagram, from The Darling to The Notebook: 

+ Our friend Vince from Excessorize Me was here from Toronto this month helping us with some video production work, and he surprised us one morning with a big box of doughnuts from Glazed. How sweet, literally! 

+ Next door neighbors A&E Digital Printing celebrated 20 years in business last month. And by celebrated, we mean they gave out free ice cream every Friday. Yes, we're serious.

+ The DU crew got together for a night of delicious local seafood at The Darling, one of Upper King's newest spots. In an impulsive act of bonding, we each downed an oyster shooter. Mmm, tasty team-building. 

+ One of our new favorite spots is Gnome Café. While not in our neighborhood, it's well worth the 1-mile trip for the scrumptious and flavorful vegan and vegetarian fare. And if you still don't want to make the trek, they deliver. 

+ Arguably the best dive in Charleston is the beloved Tattooed Moose. We went on a Tuesday for live local music and tall cold ones from Stillwater Artisanal. The can by Opprobriations looks like the beer version of Wally Junior, dontchoothink?

+ Fun fact about our spot on Upper King: our block is where they filmed that famous street scene in The Notebook, right in front of the Bluestein's building. Here's how you can reenact The Notebook next time you're in town! Hashtag wow. Hashtag whodoesntlovenicksparks.


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