Industrial Design Insights: Developing Stanley Stand

Have you heard? Stanley went live on Kickstarter at the beginning of February, and we've already reached our goal! This product was a long time in the making. We introduced brand new materials to our line that required ample time testing and prototyping. 

Entirely made in the USA, Stanley features a leather and felt exterior with solid steel-core construction give Stanley a distinguished look and adaptable functionality. The versatility was our aim from the start. 

Developing Stanley

In 2012, we launched our very first Kickstarter: Snooze, a bedside dock custom fit for the iPhone 4 and 5 – but since then, phones have gotten bigger, iPhones aren't the only popular smartphone, and phablets are a thing... 

So once again we found ourselves facing a problem that needed solving: A pleasant place for our phones to perch. This time, we set out to design a stand that would function well and look great not just on a bedside table or desk, but also in an entry way, by the couch, in the kitchen – anywhere in your home. We also didn't want to limit its use to iPhones, so we scrapped Snooze and started from scratch. Working with some of our favorite materials, we developed something entirely new... something more flexible – literally!

We started out with some really great and adaptable forms, but quickly realized they didn't have the most stable geometry or all the flexibility we needed. After experimenting with some bendable metal samples we had around the office, we quickly made some proof-of-concept models; there was something there, but it needed a lot of refinement. After a few iterations, we developed a simple construction that focused the bending in just three points which gave us enough freedom of motion to adapt to any useful viewing angle.

After testing interior metals such as lead, copper, and steel. Pliable, but also sturdy, we found that the sheet steel was the best core material to make our design perform.


Developing Stanley 

We're thrilled with the final outcome of our material research and testing! Our team developed a product that achieves what we set out to design.

+ Bendable sections adjust to various heights and viewing angles

+ Compatible with smartphones and small tablets, including cases

+ Surprisingly heavy, Stanley will sit and stay wherever you need a stand

+ Cable pass-through holds your charging cable right where you need it

+ Looks great in any room – a welcome departure from typical tech docks