Happy National Sunglasses Day! Celebrate with Our New MagLock Sunglasses on Kickstarter

We're excited to introduce our *NEW* MagLock™ Sunglasses on Kickstarter (⌐■_■)

(What better day to launch sunglasses than #NationalSunglassesDay, right? We thought so...)

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What's MagLock™ and how will it solve my sunglasses problems?

MagLock is our patent-pending design that integrates magnets into the frame, allowing our sunglasses to securely clasp to a shirt or conveniently mount to any magnetic surface to stay protected while not being worn. Lost or left-behind shades and scratched lenses will be worries of the past.

Our goal with MagLock is to alleviate the worry of dropped– or worse, lost– sunglasses without add-on accessories. Uncomfortable straps or backup pairs are no longer necessary thanks to the power of magnets!

We've improved not only the function of sunglasses but also the comfort and fit.


Distil sunglasses frames are lightweight and flexible for everyday comfort, with a soft-touch rubberized feel to help prevent nose slips. The materials we've chosen are highly durable, and the anti-scratch, polarized lenses will suit even the most active of lifestyles. And, of course, the lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

MagLock Lens Benefits

MagLock™ Sunglasses are protective while you're wearing them– and protected while you're not.

After he lost his most expensive pair of sunglasses, our co-founder Nate Justiss was fed up and finally had an a-ha moment. And with that, we set out to design an elegant solution made to satisfy the picky minimalist. We've spent years in development to get it right, and now we're running our 7th Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in hopes of securing the funding we need to go into production.

We're kicking things off with two timeless, unisex styles named for nearby Charleston beaches: “Folly” Seafarer and “Sullivan” Aviator


Learn more MagLock™ Sunglasses specs (pun intended) and pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited time:

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