Feature Friday: Wally Micro on Everyday Carry


This week our favorite minimalist site Everyday Carry reviewed our latest product, Wally Micro. Earlier this month, Micro hit the ground running on Kickstarter and achieved full funding in just three hours.

"Carrying a bland, bulky wallet is no fun. Today's gear of the day is an interesting little wallet with plenty of character. It's got a few more features than you'd expect from something so small. Distil Union's signature tab is front and center on the Wally Micro. This makes it accessible and easy to find in a pocket, and smoothly retrieves your essentials with a quick pull." –Mikey Bautista, Everydaycarry.com 

Thanks, Mikey! Needless to say, we're super thrilled to gain EDC's approval of our newest Wally pull-tab wallet.

With just 2 weeks left in the Kickstarter campaign, we'll be headed into production soon. Don't miss your chance to become a Backer and score a Wally Micro or 2-pack at a great discount.