Feature Friday: Business Insider's Most Popular Products of 2015 Includes Wally Bifold!

Wally Bifold in Business Insider

 Wally Bifold from Distil Union

Recently, Wally Bifold was named by Business Insider as one of the most popular products of 2015! Seeing Wally mentioned in the company of Amazon Echo (one of our faves) is a spectacular way to wrap up 2015. 

"To quickly reiterate why it's so great: It's incredibly slim, but thoughtfully designed to still be able to hold all of your daily essentials. (That's up to 12 cards, plus a metal money-clip inside for all the dollar bills you're lucky enough to have on you.) Made from genuine Argentine leather, it looks sharp for the price." –Ellen Hoffman

Be sure to check out the other seven sweet gadgets. If you love Wally, you'll love the rest! 

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