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Article: Everyday Carry Innovation: Wally Euro's Coin Pocket

Everyday Carry Innovation: Wally Euro's Coin Pocket

Everyday Carry Innovation: Wally Euro's Coin Pocket

When we launched the Wally Bifold, it was perfectly sized to carry just what we needed: cards and cash. But, our friends in Canada and elsewhere overseas pointed out that the Wally Bifold was designed to only carry the US dollar bill, because most other countries have bills both smaller and larger in size! How could we turn this oversight around?? Answer: Create a wallet designed for international currencies.

Wally Euro wallet carries larger international currency

The Life of an International Coin

Change. Coinage. Chips. Shrapnel. Whatever you call them, our loose coins must feel inferior to their paper brethren as they jangle around in our pockets, unnoticeingly falling into couch cushions or taxi seats, never to be found again. 

On our visits abroad, we always found ourselves fumbling with coinage. You see, coins are not so vital to everyday spending in the States — but a £2 coin or a $10 Hong-Kong coin? That's a different story — just two or three coins can equal my happy-hour beverage. That's why we are so proud of our Euro coin pocket on our new Wally Euro wallet. It's taller to accommodate wider bills, and has a unique coin pouch on one side to securely carry those oh-so-precious coins. Simply squeeze the sides to open it, and let go for it to squeeze closed. Zero coin escapege with this wallet. For the next time you have coins you'd rather not lose, Wally Euro is the one you need:

Wally Euro coin pocket carries your loose change

A Little Insight into Innovation

In researching coin-carrying wallets, we discovered most use a folding snap-pocket for coins, and some rely on the way the wallet is held to keep coins tucked into a pocket. A few standalone coin purses were cool, and the squeeze-open styles in particular caught our eye. Also used on eyeglass cases, the slim and secure closure isn't just practical, it's fun to use, with a surprisingly satisfying pop and snap! Plus, the type of metal used to create the squeeze-open closure, spring steel, returns to its original shape even after being bent or twisted. Neato. 

We're always considering wallet thickness — or rather, thinness — and challenge ourselves to reduce complexity whenever it makes sense. So, instead of employing the typical bulky hinges, we simplified the mechanism. We developed a way to finish the spring steel and utilize the leather as a hinge. The result is a streamlined and refined look that's built to last.

Of course the Wally Euro also features our signature pull-tab, which eliminates the need for excess leather card dividers by lifting your cards from within. It's a combination of these two innovations that we've used to simplify your everyday carry from London to Laos!

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“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave...

“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave...

Henry Green was talking about writing, but the same sentiment applies to your everyday carry — so it’s inside our Wally Wallet packaging.

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