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Article: EDC Product Review: The Smith Bag by State

EDC Product Review: The Smith Bag by State

EDC Product Review: The Smith Bag by State

The Smith Bag from State Bags

One of our very favorite bag lines, STATE is here at our pop-up store, Objective Design Shop — and we're here to give you a first-hand review! Ever since we began stocking these great bags, Mary has been carrying The Smith bag in black. In this everyday-carry product review, she lays out the facts on why it gets two thumbs way up ...

Since I ride my bike to and from work everyday, I had been on the lookout for a backpack to carry my essentials in. The materials immediately grabbed my attention, as the canvas on the body and twill on the straps are extremely durable, and have resisted any fading and wear after 2 months of daily use. Bags with separate spaces also rank high in my book, so the small outer pocket and hidden, even-smaller side pocket satisfy my organizational needs.

What initially drew me to The Smith bag was its versatility. When it's not being worn as a backpack, it can pass as a more dressed up tote bag. The antiqued brass hardware and leather hem both help to add interest and elevate the look. Overall, it's still quite casual, but for the price point, this is an awesome little bag, perfect for everyday carry.

Aesthetics aside, the best feature of this bag is undoubtedly the company behind it. State Bags is a Benefit Corporation, and with every backpack sold, they give another one filled with school supplies to an American child in need. Furthermore, their amazing philanthropy extends far beyond material giving. At their "Bag Drop" events, volunteers from State lead motivational rallies that empower the children receiving the bags. Wow. — DU Marketing Ninja, Mary Streeter

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