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Article: DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in November

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns in November

As our own Kickstarter campaign for Wally Micro is coming to an end this Friday, we've collected our favorite projects on Kickstarter that are still open for backing. 


Maya Angelou Making a living vs. Making a life

The Maya Angelou Documentary Bob Hercules and Rita Coburn Whack have been working to create the first Maya Angelou documentary. Thus far they've put their own resources and earned grants to fund it, but need help on Kickstarter with the remaining production costs. 


The Transformer Rail: World's First Transformable Grind Rail

The Transformer Rail: World's First Transformable Grind Rail Another Kickstarter out of Charleston this month is the Transformer Rail. A skateboarder's dream, this grind rail turns into various sizes and configurations. 


Hatch Pet Carrier for Cats and Dogs on Kickstarter

Hatch Pet Carrier This pet carrier looks a bit more practical than our catbackpack... Hatch allows you to not only discretely and stylishly transport your furry friend, but their patented direct reach feature allows you to pet your animal or give them a treat without unzipping any openings large enough for them to escape from. Treat hatch! 


Freedesk on Kickstarter

Freedesk – The World's Most Available Standing Desk We love using our standing desks in our office, so we're quite impressed by this little invention that makes it easy make any workspace a standing one. 


 TStand on Kickstarter

TStand Tablet Stand The TStand is a lightweight tablet stand that makes tablet use hands free in almost any position. Ergonomically genius, this makes for efficient pop-corn eating while traveling or vegging out.  


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