DU Team Gift Guides: Brian's Picks

Brian's hand-picked gift guide will be the first of four gift guides we publish this year. We've asked each Distil Union employee to select their favorite products to help you give well-made, useful, and meaningful gifts this year. Stay tuned for more great collections from the rest of the team!

Brian's Holiday Gift Guide

1. Hydro Flask True Pint $22

2. Eva Solo Coffee Maker $95

3. Carry-On Cocktail Kits by W&P Design $24 each. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

4. Keysmart $20. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

5. Baxter by Most Modest $55. Buy locally at Objective Design Shop!

6. And finally the Cotopaxi backpack $50. It's called the Del Dia I'm Feeling Lucky pack because you don't know what color will arrive when you order it. Each bag of this kind is designed with total creative control from the proud employees the Philippines meaning there are no two bags alike.

Cotopaxi Backpack


To get a glimpse of our inventory at Objective Design Shop in Charleston, SC, follow our Pinterest board.

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