Distil Union's August Instagram Highlights

+ Lots of big things for Distil Union in the month of August! We settled into our new studio space on Upper King Street, right above the amazing Magnifilous Toy Emporium and just a block away from the new West Elm. The open plan studio in this old masonry building leaves lots of room for designing – and our bikes! Dieter the Deer, however, won't be settling in with us. If you know of a good home for him, please contact us...

+ Thanks to AC Gears for the beautiful shot of Wally Case in action. We're excited about the next generation of iPhone coming next week – and the sales on the older models that are sure to follow! Check out these major iPhone 5 discounts and our tip for up-cycling your old iPhone if you decide to spring for the new iPhone. 

+ In the middle of the month, Lindsay hopped on a plane from Charleston to New York for this summer's NY Now tradeshow. We gave away some stellar DU swag and debuted a couple products that are still in the works – sign up to be the first to hear some exciting news coming soon! 

+ We helped fund Greycork's easy-to-assemble and just-as-easy-to-move furniture line on Indiegogo. There are still two weeks left in the campaign. 

+ As a member of the most helpful species on the planet, Pemba was huge in color selection for some material prototyping we wrapped up a few weeks ago. She's definitely got an eye for these things. 

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