Did this American Ninja Warrior shake MagLock?

Meet Kyle K'Otic: Break Dancer & American Ninja Warrior 

We challenged daredevil Kyle K'Otic Johnson to put our shades to his most extreme tests. Frontman and lead break dancer of The Break Circuit, who also competed in season 7 of American Ninja Warrior, Kyle K'Otic donned our MagLock Sunglasses through his inverted, sky-high stunts, and helped us prove that our magnetic shades can defy gravity.

The team, including the DU crew and videographer Gavin Shelton, had an afternoon of aerial fun at local trampoline and ninja gym Velocity Air Sports

You can catch Kyle most Saturdays at the Charleston Farmers Market where he performs with The Break Circuit, Dancing On Air, and regularly flips over brave volunteers from the audience (he even contends for the world record of most people flipped over).

Needless to say, we'll be back for some more jumps and team dodgeball. 


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