Design That Inspires | Urbanears

The Humlan headphones by Urbanears are hands-down our office favorite. Each DU team member has a different snazzy color. Not only do they look awesome, but it's easy to keep them looking that way: Simply remove the cushions from the ears and headband, wash, and put back on. It's like you get a new pair of headphones each time! You can also buy each part in different colors to mix and match, or try what some of us here have done: For an even more minimal look, use 'em without the headband cover. The fun is real, and the options are endless.

Every pair also features a built-in microphone for easy hands-free phone calls, which is perfect for our shared-studio workspace.

Not only is the Urbanears team made up of exceptional designers, they're also pretty great people. To help with the current refugee crisis, they've donated 5% of their profits from September and October to UNICEF and will continue to do so through the end of the month. There's still time left to make your purchase a helpful one. 

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