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Article: Design That Inspires | Umbra Shift

Design That Inspires | Umbra Shift

Umbra Shift

We all know and love the ever creative Umbra products, but are you familiar with the new brand extension Umbra Shift? Umbra has created a line of home goods in which they invited designers from around the world to collaborate with. In it's own style of whimsy, modern, geometric, and colorful, everything from Umbra Shift is unlike any product line we've seen. 

Some of our personal favorites include the Knob Spice Grinder by Umbra Studio, Cowboy Kettle by Castor, Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin, and Cup Lamp by Paul Leobach, all stocked in-store at Objective Design Shop

 Cowboy Kettle by Umbra ShiftHanger Chair by Umbra Shift

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