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Article: Crowd-Funding Favorites

Crowd-Funding Favorites

Crowd-Funding Favorites

DU's Favorite Crowd-Funding Campaigns this Summer

We've noticed a trend this summer of campaigns lasting longer than the typical 30-day span. That's just fine with us– it gives the Project Creators more time to get the word out there about their campaign, and it gives us more time to discover great projects like these!

Kickstarter - Peak Design Travel Line of Bags

The Travel Line from the pros at Peak Design caught our eye in Denver, CO at the Outdoor Retailer expo this July. It also caught the eye of Carryology and Gear Junkie, who both awarded the new design the BEST IN SHOW award! If you don't need the backpack but could use some help with your packing game in general, back this multi-million-dollar project now to get in on some Backer-exclusive deals after the campaign– like the tech pouch that Lindsay has her eye on...


Ti EDC Wrench on Kickstarter

Ti EDC Wrench skillfully executes a popular product-design tactic: Pull initial inspiration from an old object and bring it into this era by making improvements with modern materials and manufacturing techniques. This pocket-tool is now a must-have in my everyday carry... 


Kickstarter - Manual Stool No. 1

Stool No.1 from Chicago-based Manual boasts a sleek midcentury style, with hairpin legs, a simple wooden seat and minimal lines that will look good in any home or bar. The stools are available in three heights, all USA-made right there in Chicago. And forget about tees and totes! This campaign features our new favorite $20-pledge reward: An illustrated zine about the product design and manufacturing. 


Kickstarter - Digit Calculator

Digit Calculator is one desk necessity that'll make a chunky-key lover's dreams come true. From the makers of the wireless Dot Keyboard featuring the same mechanical click clack keys inspired by typewriters of yesteryear, Lofree is bringing some serious retro stying to your desktop. 


Kickstarter - This Place Will Be Water

This Place Will Be Water is a data-based art project working to raise awareness of the effects of climate change by depicting new water levels with stickers you can apply in your own town. Rising sea levels are especially on our radar here in Charleston, SC, where most of the city is barely above sea-level as it is. *gulp*


Kickstarter - CATSSUP cat shelving furniture system

CATSSUP Cat Shelf System might sound a bit extra if you don't have cats, but we felt the sadness in our four-legged furry studio mates, too, when our office switched to standing desks– what, no more laps?! These sturdy steel and felt shelves or scratching-post additions give you endless cat-pleasing options for your office, and would be especially handy in small apartments. 

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Distil Union 100-mile Review of the Onewheel XR

Our Favorite Things: 100 Miles on the Onewheel XR

A designer's honest review of the Onewheel XR after 100 miles of riding. Warning: These photos of my golden-hour ride on the beach might make you want one ...

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Feature Friday: Shopify Interviews the Founders of Distil Union

Feature Friday: Shopify Interviews the Founders of Distil Union

Our co-founders Lindsay Windham and Nate Justiss sat down with Nicole Clark of Shopify's popular and incredibly helpful Retail Blog to talk about their ongoing journey from dream(s) to reality. 

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