August Instagram Highlights

Distil Union's Instagram Highlights

The end of the summer was heavy with product development. Nate spent virtually the entire month of August in Asia perfecting prototypes and selecting high quality materials. Meanwhile, the rest of the DU team held down the fort back in the US.

+ All materials used in our product line are carefully inspected for quality prior to production. Visiting the tannery of our new leather supplier was a big (and exciting) part of Nate's trip. We're beyond excited to be working with this team, who is part of the Leather Working Group Group for environmental stewardship.

+ August marked one year in our new space! Er – I guess we have to stop calling it "new"... One year under the belt here on happening Upper King St feels grand!

+ We celebrated the Back-to-School season with a sale and a photoshoot with our favorite school supplies from Objective Design Shop – our museum-gift-shop-style store that's inside our Charleston design studio.

+ DU Team members revealed what they carry everyday. A sneak peek of Lindsay's pocket dump is shown above. 

+ Nate returned from Hong Kong and China bearing lots of goodies, including several pouches of grape-textured gummies. We all agree, these require a bit of acquired appreciation.

+ Boom! A Micro Mountain! Did you catch this month's launch of Wally Micro in all black?