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Carry all the cards

Add a CardSleeve to, well, carry cards in your Ferris ModWallet.

Whether you're a credit-card churner or just signed up for too many rewards cards, the modular design is just what you need to build out a ModWallet that grows or shrinks with your card load.

The magic is in the modularity: If you need more than 10 or want a separate one for business cards, MagLock lets you add another set in a snap! Accommodates up to 10 cards per module in translucent soft-touch sleeves.

distil cardsleeves with a fake cat ID in translucent plastic sleeves on a white backdrop
CardSleeves Sale price$10 Regular price$15

Customize and organize your everyday carry

Ferris is the modern way to carry your cards, cash and keys. With modular MagLock snaps and a full range of accessories to choose from, you'll be able to build the perfect system to suit your needs from day to day.

Nicer than it needs to be

Made with a soft-touch materials that wears longer and feels better than your typical card holders, with a thumb tab for easy card access.

Made to customize

Five sleeves with 2 pockets each let you carry 10 cards and business cards - snap in a second set to accommodate twice as much.