Money Clip

ModWallet Specs

3” tall x 5.0” wide x 0.3” thin (76 x 129.5 x 7.8mm)

Optimized for US bills (and those up to 2.6” or 67mm)

10 cards + 30 or more bills + 2 KeyMods

  • Easily attach KeyMods, a USB, a MultiTool and additional CardSleeves, no tools required
  • MagLock holds everything safely in place — watch the shake test!
  • Scale up or down, and carry only what you need
  • Sticks securely to any magnetic surface Slim and silent
  • Rich, full-grain leather leather
ModStation Specs

1 ModStation made of powder-coated steel
Easy mounting options: 3M Magnetic Panel + a pair of wall screws
Integrated felt Cable Catch

2.56” tall x 11.8” wide x .94” thin (65 x 300 x 24mm)

  • Holds every item in the Ferris system securely
  • Tray accommodates your mail, phone, charging cable, Kindle, notebook and other similarly sized items
  • Tidy up any cluttered surface
  • Reduce the likelihood of lost items
  • Streamline your out-the-door routine 1-year warranty