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ModWallet Details

2 x Covers (front and back)
1-year warranty

3” tall x 5.0” wide x 0.3” thin (76 x 129.5 x 7.8mm)

Neodymium magnets and full-grain leather.
Magnets will not affect the stripe on your cards.

Optimized for US bills (and those up to 2.6” or 67mm)

Innovative MagLock™ holds everything safely in place.

  • Modular system lets you customize your wallet
  • Easily add, remove and rearrange modules – no tools required
  • Carry what you want: MoneyClip, CardSleeves, USB, MultiTool, even keys using KeyMods
  • When not in use, stash mods on a magnetic surface so you don't lose 'em