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KeyLoop Bundle Details

Leather Cover
KeyMod 4-pack (2 Sticks + 2 Clicks)

KeyMod colors are pre-selected per bundle option.
Black/Gray and Navy/Gray bundles come with Gray Clicks and Blue Sticks.
Brown/Gray and Red/Gray bundles come with Gray Clicks and Red Sticks.

Dimensions (Loop)
3.9” tall x 1” wide x 0.39” thin (100 x 26 x 10mm)

Up to 4 Keys + 1 FobRing
(Up to 6 Keys with additional KeyMods)

  • Easily add or remove any key or fob, no tools required
  • Keys snap together and rotate
  • MagLock holds your keys safely in place — watch the shake test!
  • Scale up or down, and carry only what you need
  • Sticks securely to any magnetic surface
  • Slim and silent
  • Rich, full-grain leather
  • 1-year warranty